Tutorial: Super Simple Shadow Storage Solution

Posted on Nov 9, 2015 in Other, Tutorials

Hey guys. So I’ve been working on organizing my growing collection of fullsize and mini shadow jars. I’m in a dorm and don’t have much space, so having them all just laying in my desk drawer wasn’t cutting it. So I decided to make little boxes so they can be on their side. Here’s the finished product.

tutorialshadowstorage_pic tutorialshadowstorage_header


What you need:

  • thick paper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • glue or double sided tape
  • something pointy but dull to make creases with


An eyeshadow jar is usually about 3 cm wide, and the sides of the box should be 1.5 cm tall. So the image above is basically what you’re going to be making. The dotted lines are folds and the other lines are cut.


Along the short side of the paper make marks at 1.5 cm, 4.5 cm, and 6 cm. Do this on both sides and then use the ruler to draw a straight line connecting the two 6 cm marks. Then cut along that line, and what you should have is a long piece of paper that’s exactly 6 cm on each of the short sides.


Now put a mark 1.5 cm away from each of the four corners adjacent to the marks you previously made. There should be two marks next to each corner.


On the short, 6cm, side use the ruler to connect those two marks and then use the dull pointed object to make a crease on the paper so it’s easier to get a perfectly straight fold. Do this on both sides and fold them upward when you’re done. This part will become the ends of the box.


Do the same thing to connect the marks on the other ends. Fold. You should now have a square in each of the corners.


Snip off one side of each square so you can fold the small end upward to meet the sides.


Use tape or glue to connect the flaps to the inside of the box. Once both ends are done it’s ready for your eyeshadows! You can write on the outside if you want it to be easier to sort by brand. Or you could even print pretty designs on thick white paper to turn into boxes. These can hold fullsize jars, minis, clamshell samples, MAC foundation samples, and Limnit Lipstick mini jars.