My Pretty Zombie Eyeshadows

Posted on Sep 22, 2015 in Indie Makeup, Makeup

A few months ago I made my first order from My Pretty Zombie. I had heard some great things about their blushes and duochrome eyeshadows, so I picked up their Drugs Like Me sample set (which I’ll review in a later post) and two sample packs of eyeshadow. These swatches were taken in sunlight over bare skin, Wet n Wild Take On The Day Primer, and Elf Glitter Glue.

mpz_003 mpz_004

Unicorn Pee is described on the site as “iridescent white blue with enough multi colored glitter to make you puke!” That’s completely accurate. It performs horribly over bare skin, and better on just primer, but if you want all the glittery goodness to stay on your eyelid you need a sticky base. This isn’t surprising, because it’s pretty much all glitter, with a little transparent blue shimmer. You can see in the first picture how gritty the glitter looks. This isn’t just sparkly micas, it’s actual superfine holographic glitter. It’s stunning in the sunlight and I love to use it as an inner corner highlight.

Custom Zombie is a “silvery blue that looks awesome on everyone!” To me it’s a muted blue base with a fantastic greenish silver shimmer. Looks amazing over primer and a sticky base.

Grandma Cleavage is a “cornflower crayon blue with a gold shift…tacky yet fascinating…you will love it!” That’s 100% correct. It’s a beautiful cornflower blue and the golden shift is amazing. The base color even looks passable over bare skin, but the shift absolutely shines over primer or a sticky base. I do love it, even though the name is kinda icky. The first time I wore it my sister said it was pretty, and when I told her it was called Grandma Cleavage she did a double take.

mpz_002 mpz_001

Anthrax, part of the Husbandry Collection, is “purple to green with a gold to red shift.” I… don’t really know what that means. Is is supposed to be a duochrome with another duochrome? I think it’s just a purple with an amazing green shift, with maybe a hint of gold. I suppose I can a little red in the base color over bare skin, but I’ve never seen red when I’ve worn it. The duochrome really comes out over primer in this swatch, but I’ve noticed on my eyes the green shift can disappear after blending if it’s not over a sticky base. It’s one of my favorites. I’m such a sucker for purples, and adding a green shift only amplifies my love.

Everything Looks Better On A Meathook is a “kind of a brown plum that rubs down maroon.  Green shift.” It reminds me of the blue brown dupe in Wet n Wild’s Comfort Zone palette. I love these kinds of colors (maybe I’ll do a comparison post), especially when it starts to get cold out. The base color is so warm, but over a primer or sticky base the blue-green shift really comes out.

Brisket, part of the Butcher Shop Collection, is a “copper with a red to gold shift”. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS!!! This shift is amazing! It performs pretty horribly over bare skin, but look at that gold shift!!! In the light it is just blanketed in gold, without any hint of the red base color. You can see in the first picture how the gold fades into red as the light diminishes. There’s nothing remotely sparkly about this one. Unlike the other shadows with a shift this one is just smooth color.


Overall I’m really happy with these eyeshadows. I never wear eye makeup without at least a primer so they work pretty well for me. Only Unicorn Pee and sometimes Anthrax require a sticky base. They all blend well over regular primer and last as long as any other eyesadow. The sample baggies I got had a fairly large ammount of product (about the same as Shiro’s) and came with a circular sticker with the name and ingredients. I’ll definitely be making another order for more samples!