Orly Androgynie

Posted on Sep 16, 2015 in Polish


Orly Androgynie, three coats topped with Seche Vite. This is the polish I reach for when I want black nails with a little something extra. Androgynie is a black jelly with tiny gold flakes and a variety of color shifting hex glitters. Depending on the angle you view them the glitter shifts through different colors; orange to gold, purple to teal, and gold to green. The one issue I have with this polish is that the glitter sinks to the bottom, which makes it hard to get onto the brush. What I usually do is shake it up really well and then lean it against something upside down so the glitter settles to the middle. Between each coat I keep it upside down. This strategy works fairly well, and it’s totally worth the effort if you love black.  In these pictures I’ve been wearing it for over 24 hours. There’s barely any chips, which is pretty good considering how hard I am on my nails. orly_androgynie_01 orly_androgynie_02 orly_androgynie_03